Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Colossus, by Adrien Helm

New Colossus

                                    Adrien Helm                                            
Adrien Helm at right

I stride from blue Pacific to aqua Gulf
Forbidding, cruel massive
My flanks proclaim “Beware!”
To tawny, black and brown
“Stay there!”

I snake through airports long and slow
Steely and unsmiling
With wand and stamp
Eyes flashing, scanning
Scrutiny blaring!

My consuls, agents, are strict, careful, icy.
My processes, meticulous.
My numbers exacting
A machine of efficiency
Cold and uncaring.

Don’t come with your headscarf, your fez or sombrero.
Don’t blink or frown
At my bureaucrat’s English.
I don’t care if you are
Nana, Opa, or Amma.

I want you peachy and prosperous,
Compliant and Protestant
Speaking my language,
Looking vanilla like me.
I’m the protector of myth!

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