Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fran's poem in eulogy as published in The Chronicle last week.

In Memory of Dorothy Cowles Lehnow (“Dot”): 1914-2017

Well into her Eighties, she still could
Invite me to canoe with her.
She would steer; that was understood.
Just another thing that Dorothy would
Accomplish firmly, deftly. No discussion or debate!

She seemed happiest when sitting
Surrounded by dozing dogs and knitting
Or crocheting. Her cats would visit, deigning
To check on her-- or their food dish—disdaining
A nap with those lazy dogs.

Dot herself was always occupied:
Reading, writing, hiking up the side
Of the road, picking berries or tracking scat.
Or calling in search of her fugitive cat.

One of the lessons I learned from Dot
(example, not precept, was the way she taught):
Companionable silence. Compared to chatter,
Being silent in the moment with a friend can matter
More than reminiscence. An old old-friend:
Though Dorothy is gone, fond memories won’t end.

                                                      Fran Blake Smith, a participant in the “Wednesday Poets”

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