Monday, October 19, 2015

Farewell, from Dolores


Dolores Chamberlain, October 14, 2015
As we end our weekly gatherings
Where hot coffee smells so good
Our writings all come to an end
          as all good things should.
I will hear all your voices as
          the months pass us by
And wait, and maybe a poem
          or two try.
I'll remember all your faces
          until we meet again.
So, until next year, be safe
          and write, farewell to
          my dear friends.

                                       Dolores Chamberlain

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Til We Meet Again

Another summer of Wednesday evenings at the Barton Library is coming to a close. Where did the time go! I feel honored to be able to gather with you all, to learn, to laugh, and sometimes cry.  There is so much talent in this group, that sometimes I don't feel qualified ( I know, no disclaimers!), but have always felt accepted and encouraged.  I thank you for the opportunity to share.
I think this blog will be a great way to stay in contact until we meet again. Thank you, Sylvia!

A big thank you to Adrien and Sylvia for your guidance throughout our summer sessions!!

Will be looking for your posts to this blog,

Friday, October 9, 2015

A poem from Ellen Mass from Massachusetts

Invasive Rose of Sharon
nearly touching my city window at computer time,
on another hot dry day, writing Vermont poets,
infusing a weary caught being with pink magenta joy
where busy bees remain to scatter magic dust 
for more joy next summer.

8 years hence after sowing a tiny plug of you to reach 2 floors

now to echo your radiance all the way to Vermont.

Ellen at the last meeting before she had to go.