Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Charles Simic, Visiting Poet

Charles Simic, Dolores Chamberlain
Sunday found some of our members at the Congregational Church in Brownington to hear Charles Simic read from his two most recent collections, The Lunatic and Scribbled in the Dark.  I think he read a new unpublished poem as well.

He read to a full house, even though we were far from any population center.  He was brave to come to such a small place but pleasantly surprised, perhaps, at the attendance.

And here's what Dolores wrote to read to us Wednesday night:

Poetry Reading

Attended a poetry reading in a crowded church on a cool day in August.
Noticed backs of heads, mostly covered in gray,
as I stare through Judy's hair (which by the way, is not gray).
Some heads bow down to follow along in their books as the poet recites,
not quite loud enough to hear.
A few tilt their heads and point the ear.
A chuckle can be heard or an occasional "aha."
His voice fades a bit as the mike is turned a little higher.
Coughs are stifled, air is drier.
A few questions put forth, he answers them all.
Then refreshments offered at Samuel Read Hall.
Crackers and cheese, water and wine; 
doesn't that sound just divine?
Most of our poetry group was gathered there when
Charles Simic brought his works to share.

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