Monday, June 5, 2017

a page from another blog with old picture, new (and newly published) poem

Monday, 5 June 2017

Photo vieille, poème nouveau

Une photo vieille, Venice-au-Quebec, Lake Memphremagog

et aussi un poème publié recemmant en Waterways

Tant Pis

written with (rather) fine black marker
your only margin note on page roman 6,
vi to sound like swiftness or life
in French,
vit or vie
to rhyme with pis or English pee
or vi as in English vinegar
for that matter if it matters in this
piss and vinegar state we share
and it must because we share, too,
thanks to you,
The First Man by Camus,
and this in English
for your one black note on white,
marginal, before you realized
you were in the copy you meant for me,

tant pis
, and moved on to your own

for rather fine notes in black
on marginal white, free to write now
on your own.

[written for Mary Teague]

(That other blog is Quebec Journal,at

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