Saturday, December 1, 2018

Wednesday Poets meeting through winter!

First time ever!

Sylvia hears the take-away is a poem with just dialogue, and even though her poem posted here is not just dialogue, and besides is very old, she misses the stalwart Northeast Kingdom Wednesday poets so much she's posting it anyway.  (It was written in Quebec City, winter, 2009.)

Very few out and about

in the alleyway or even
Sylvia Manning on the right behind Judith Janoo, autumn 2018.
Grande Allée, so far as
I can see.

Greg comes, though,
the neighbor in apt. 6.
“I hate this country!”
he says in a charming
English.  “46 years of this!”

(the formidable snowstorm)

“I can’t believe you’re 46!
You look like a kid!”
I tell him.  “So this country
has kept you young!”

“Maybe,” he says, almost
smiling, but then adds,
“or maybe it’s the beer.”

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