Thursday, December 20, 2018

Joanne answers Santa's call

Good girl Joanne Giannino, who thought
Santa wanted poems about Christmas  books.

The night before Yuletide we car rumble home
singing the drunk lady’s 12-days-of-Christmas song
with the radio blaring, our tummies full, and our jammies just right,
we settle in for that longest winter night

Just me, my beloved, and our two little boys
Cuddling close for our favorite tale
Interpreted by Hallmark’s best popup book still
Gift from Aunt Lena we await with delight

For the ten little reindeer, the jolly old elf
the tradition the same year after year
drive to see family then roll on back home
tuck in for the night and enjoy the solstice yarn.

Santa, pleased as punch
Until last year, I couldn’t find that old book
So I scanned the magic web and found it on Ebay
With the price ranging from hundreds to mere tens
Made my bid, kept checking and finally won: a new copy!

The only flaw a ripped ribbon in its French door hard cover                               
But voila, with tape and glue and new trimming procured
A nearly new book to share with all, this in time for this year
Our tiny grandbaby, now two, her parents, our friends, and you!

With a wish for a Merry Christmas - from the friendly old saint 
and to all a good night - from his sleigh, he goes up, up, and away,
With a shout, with a song, with sleigh bells a clanging
And a quite cheery song for a Happy New Year!

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