Monday, October 23, 2017

Two from Joanne Giannino's earlier collection

Joanne Giannino

Journeywoman:  Poems 1982-1991 is a collection of poems by Joanne Giannino published by Healing House Press.

Below is a poem from that book, A decade of words


A decade of words

I need these words close
they span a decade
I've kept them from flames
and ensuing (and lifesaving)
from notebooks to looseleaf
to photocopied anthology
read by family members
heard by art school audience
and recorded for performance art
these words are mine
and I am comforted
in their evidence
of my living
and someday
I will shuffle them
into boundness
only to release them
again to cuddle and
remember the
fumbling, procrastinating, caring
poet in me.

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