Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Time and Eternity, by Judith Janoo

Judith Janoo
a poem in response to How to Be a Poet by Wendell Berry:

Time and Eternity
        "for patience joins time to eternity," Wendell Berry

There is no end to it
the way time eases
into a moment

makes it home
unblinking moves on
not hurried, not slow
minds its own
           no end to its grace
how it arrives as an offering
spans the hour
dropping sand as reddening
maples in pulsing wind, flare
blazon against white birches
slender sway
dropping leaves that dance
drift, settle
as a note that's held to full
measure, rendering
to earth, sky,
this universe and
the next
its silent enticement
never looks back
needs no map,
comes and gently
goes without closing the door,
time, a string of pearls
a lamppost for the light of eternity.

                                             Judith Janoo




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