Friday, October 7, 2016

poems for autumn by Elaine Wright and Carole Perron

Carole Perron and Elaine Wright as they were leaving
the library this last Wednesday after our session.
Autumn Bliss

I love autumn.
I love the earthy smells, 
the crispness in the air, 
and the beauty of the hills 
as shades of green give way to
reds, yellows, and golds.

I love the smells of
the final cut of hay and of cut firewood.
I love biting into a fresh picked
apple, and the fragrance of spiced cider.

I love walking on a country road,
beneath a fluttering canopy of color,
kicking up the fallen leaves
like I did as a child.
I love the crunching of those
dry leaves as they crumble 
beneath my feet, their collective
beauty becoming a colorful
blanket covering the gravel road.

I love autumn.
I wish it lasted longer.

Elaine Wright
This wonderful season

Leaves turning from green to red
speckled, gold, orange,bright.
Turning the page from summer to fall.
Turning over a "new leaf",beginning anew.
Turning fruit juice into wine
Turning vegetables into soup
Turning a piece of wood into a spindle
Turning your back on a failure
Turning toward the future
Turning and looking at the scenery
Turning a piece of fabric into a blouse
Turning a skein of yarn into a hat or a pair of mittens.
Turning a chore into a pleasure
Turning drudgery into an accomplished goal
Turning sadness into gladness
Turning and welcoming a new day, always looking forward.

Carole Perron

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