Friday, October 14, 2016

Another poem from Carole

Our take-away prompt was to write about a room where we had felt safe.  (It was from the novel HomeSafe; the leading character is a writer who gives this as an assignment to a writing group she has begun to lead.)  Carole Perron brought this back to us.  We all liked it, of course.

THE LIBRARY MEETING ROOM                              
Carole sits at far end of table on the left.

The library meeting room
Filled with tables and chairs
                          like a classroom
I enter for the first meeting
With some anxiety -- What is expected?
And greet friends and neighbors

We introduce ourselves
And Adrien & Sylvia welcome us
And lay out the guidelines for our group.
Whatever we write is acceptable
No disclaimers, please,
Only positive suggestions made
Then given a topic -- we write.

After about 30 minutes we share
If we wish -- not required.
Many positive reactions and encouragement
Some laughter, maybe even some tears

But mostly I'm left with a feeling of success.

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