Wednesday, August 21, 2019

from Sylvia Manning, Couplets for 2 black men killed by police ....

Sylvia Manning on left with Creekside Poets in Seguin, Texas,
a town between Austin and San Antonio, where she winters.

Sylvia says that this poem came back rejected.  One or two in the group told her to put it on this blog, even though it's not brand new.   In her mind it met the sense of a poem we'd been given as prompt.

Couplets for 2 black men killed
by police in Texas, February, 2016:

Antronie Scott and David Joseph

For these two killed last week
in nearby cities, do we seek


But how is that done
when each of us has one


and only one? How then
does any justice serve? And when

will those who should be here
to save such lives be given clear

demand to stop the killing
of young black men, spilling


their blood and lives needlessly
onto our city streets, heedlessly?

(Forgive these weak and rhyming lines,
but how indeed the sacrifice of lives

dear to us?)

                                                                         Sylvia Manning
                                                                         Seguin TX, 2016

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  1. I heard that a website had been make under the title "Sequin Creekside Poets," but a google search brought me here, which is a good place to be. Thanks for the good and important poem.