Thursday, March 7, 2019

Steve Cahill, our very own, now renown for The Vermont Writers' Prize!

Read all about it:

Our Steve Cahill, aka S.J.

COLCHESTER, Vt. – S.J. Cahill is the winner of the 2019 Vermont Writers’ Prize for his short story “Family Ground,” which explores the moral dilemma of the Vietnam War and its impact on a Vermont community. The Vermont Writers’ Prize is awarded annually by Green Mountain Power and Vermont Magazine, and “Family Ground” is published in the March/April issue of Vermont Magazine which is on newsstands now. “Cahill’s ‘Family Ground’ is a captivating story and very touching,” said Phil Jordan, editor of Vermont Magazine. “He writes with clarity that draws out the emotion in this personal story while Vermont remains a central feature, which is a wonderful tradition for winners of this Prize.” S.J. Cahill was a Vermont Writers’ Prize finalist in 2014. Now, the East Burke resident will receive a $1,500 prize for this short story, which was fueled by his own life experiences. "I'm thrilled to win this award and to win it for this story," Cahill said. "As a military veteran who didn't serve in Vietnam, I was intrigued with the moral dilemma. Most people have forgiven those who refused to go but there are some who never will.” “Family Ground” tells the story of a young man returning to Vermont after fleeing to Canada to avoid the Vietnam draft. He is worried whether he will be welcomed home, aware of his father’s own military service and the death of a neighbor’s son in Vietnam. The story opens with a clear demonstration of Tommy’s relationship with his father: “They argued about everything. His father was a Holstein man, Thomas favored Jerseys. They debated tractors and balers, cover crops, dry hay and silage, and had disputes over milkers and beef. They never agreed about the rotation of Winter Rye and Clover or the best forage grasses for pasture land. But their biggest battles were over life styles. Thomas liked playing his horn in a local blues band; his father said milking time came early and he needed to settle into running the family farm. They argued constantly. About everything.

[from NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 4, 2019 Media Contact GMP: Kristin Kelly, (802) 318-0872]

(No argument from us about whether or not Steve is a wonderfully talented writer.) 

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