Saturday, November 25, 2017

Poetry that Matters

Here's someone's take on poetry making -- making it matter.  Tom Keene recently gave the Sunday morning talk at the UU church I attend here.  I especially liked this poem, so he sent it for us to share as well as anything from his website:

Poetry that Matters
First, grasp the facts of whatever is
as to cut through and under mere appearance
and any consensus to deny.
Next, speak, write, whisper, shout
their untold-ring-true meanings.
Then, put these forth
like a fisherman’s bait
to hook the guts of any who listen,
enflame the passion of those who can hear.
Rouse them to rise
out of pretense into planting themselves,
put down roots, send up branches, bear fruit.
Tom Keene
November 10, 2017

San Antonio poet Tom Keene. 

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