Monday, September 11, 2017

Ellen Mass sends four for her leave-taking gift to us

Picture of Ellen large enough to see her, taken last year when we met downstairs.

The Reservation

We search and steward this place
With surprising green and blue resources

With feelings of human-animal kin,
Both of us, urban and threatened
A wild place, filled with tiny warblers in spring and fall
Palm, yellow rump, blue black, green, chestnut- sided, parula*,
They bless us against fixation, fleeting and moving
to seasonal habitat far away

This urban respite becomes open business season for deadly intrusion
With warblers and kindred species soon wasted by asphalt soils.



Magnetic relations between 2 talkers
Obsessed with repartee’, mundane or not
Minimize all reality around
Absenting the sweet spirits of other souls
Touting kindness and gentility
between their tiny connecting thread of understanding

With feathered  heads bobbing above water
Nature disdains this mindless chatter
I see timidity floating quietly
The animal’s humility submerged

Alternatively, I see stars brighten
And the two drowning chatterers
calling over that deep water for survival.


Female with chestnut belt
During 40 mph into the River
With ta-ta-ta-ta-ta
Almost invisible to ragged crested,
Blue as miniature jay,
At home in the dirt mound we dug
for her ease and breeding.
Labored with love the entry and exit doors
That business volunteers created
Little did they sense their shoveling was mere
Community service
For this miraculous marathon flyer

Dangerous Feeder

Watching feeder-- Comes purple finch,
Red as they come,
Jittery, paranoid as human suspicion
On the alert
Cooperative and fussy amongst peers
Long neck bobber
One by one seed from my feeder
Long surveillance
of my busy landscape
Danger may be anywhere.
Then on to next feeder
Crafty spotted one.  She overlooks nothing.

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