Friday, September 16, 2016

Saddened by the loss of Barton's Leland Kinsey

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Leland Kinsey, 1950-2016

It was with genuine sadness that MaryLiz called me this morning to tell me of Leland Kinsey's death from lymphoma on Wednesday. I'm sure you share with me profound grief that his authentic voice of the Northeast Kingdom has been stilled. I cherish the moments he shared with us two summers ago.

"Once called the unofficial poet-laureate of the Northeast Kingdom, poet Leland Kinsey has died at the age of 66.
Kinsey was born in Barton. He was a seventh-generation Vermonter and farmer whose poetry was shaped by his life farming in the Kingdom and by the people around him.
Friends describe Kinsey as a masterful poet, a gifted teacher and an avid fisherman, not to mention a farmer, a printer and naturalist.
He spent most of his life working the rocky soil that his family farmed for generations. His dedication to that hard work, along with his love of that unique northern geography, come through in his poetry."


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