Wednesday, July 20, 2016

an actual assignment!

1.        “Deprivation is the mother of poetry.”
                                Leonard Cohen, The Favourite Game, c 1963

2.        “He never described himself as a poet or his work as poetry.  The fact that the lines do not come to the edge of the page is no guarantee.  Poetry is a verdict, not an occupation.  He hated to argue about the techniques of verse.  The poem is a dirty, bloody, burning thing that has to be grabbed first with bare hands.”

For our time here tonight:
Deprivation is … ?  What it engenders …?  How is it poetry?  Try to bring forth an example from your own recollection.  Don’t worry about whether what you’re writing is poetic.  In fact, try not to use any of the standard elements of verse like meter, rhyme, metaphor, line break, literary conceits, etc.   Be poetically content with content.  Grab it barehanded.  Someone or something deprived of someone or something… bring that forth.

For next time:
Let your mind return to what you wrote here.  Let yourself rewrite and change it as you decide, using any technique you judge worthy of better delivery of the content but refusing to use any technique just because you can or just because you’ve used this technique before.  That is to say, use gloves if you like, but a fresh pair, and only IF you decide that gloves are called for.  Come with your revision ready to read to us as a finished piece, poetry as verdict delivered by you the judge of it.

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