Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dreams about you

Early this morning I awoke remembering a dream I had about the Wednesday Poets! I have been thinking about trying to start a similar group at our very active public library here in Safety Harbor and so in my dream I was explaining to a very rambunctious group how we did things in the Northeast Kingdom.
Also as Thanksgiving approaches, I am very grateful for each of you and hope your day is filled with delicious food and warm embraces.

Thanksgiving for Two

The adults we call our children will not be arriving 
with their children in tow for Thanksgiving. 
We must make our feast ourselves, 

slice our half-ham, indulge, fill our plates, 
potatoes and green beans 
carried to our table near the window.

We are the feast, plenty of years, 
arguments. I’m thinking the whole bundle of it 
rolls out like a white tablecloth. We wanted 

to be good company for one another. 
Little did we know that first picnic 
how this would go. Your hair was thick, 

mine long and easy; we climbed a bluff 
to look over a storybook plain. We chose 
our spot as high as we could, to see

the river and the checkerboard fields. 
What we didn’t see was this day, in 
our pajamas if we want to, 

wrinkled hands strong, wine
in juice glasses, toasting 
whatever’s next, 

the decades of side-by-side, 
our great good luck.

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