Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our Wednesday Poets on September 9, 2015:

Back row left to right:  Mary, Carol, Adrien, Steve, Dolores; then in the pink Mary's left, there's Mary Liz, with Elaine in peach and Carol to her left, then Jeannie in blue and Ellen seated at table, in green.  This photo taken by Sylvia (so she's not in picture) on Sept. 9 after we learned that Fran and Ellen and Carol were headed back to points south.

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  1. Sylvia, This is great. All of us are now connected at any time, and our poetry shared in variety of circumstances and possible at the time of inspiration. Thanks much. Look forward to seeing more on this blog. I suppose we could even share poetry we find elsewhere. Perhaps we need a special page for that. Today was the HONK festival with neighborhood groups as artsy as you can get asking for social improvements such as jobs and respect for citizens. Also, Maybe 50 bands from Vermont, and throughout US, even Paris, Bologne, Poland, Quebec City, etc. See the joy: And from Texas, Dead Music Capital Band. Vt's Bread and Puppet Mr. Bell I think welcomed each group that came through from Harvard Sq. bandstand. Working on a poem here. Hope spirits remain high for poetry in Barton!! -E